About Us

For over 25 years, our organization has been an environmentally responsible, industry recognized leader in hazardous waste management across Canada. We provide our commercial, industrial and institutional customers with innovative, ecologically sound and cost effective hazardous waste disposal solutions for their unique waste streams. We own and operate multiple state-of-the-art facilities that conform to the stringent standards necessary to safely and conveniently offer our hazardous waste service capabilities to a number of diverse industries. No matter where industry meets environment, at Aevitas we offer a full suite of hazardous waste treatment solutions.

We engage in a very challenging business, one that is exposed to ever-changing rules and regulations. The sensitive nature of our industry demands only the highest standards of excellence to ensure the health and overall well-being of our clients, our vendors, our staff, and the communities in which we serve. Our passion for exemplary customer service and environmental protection practices is what makes us stand above other hazardous waste service providers. We take great pride in our proven track record, and our creation of niche markets through the development of pioneering hazardous waste recycling technologies that are currently in use 25 years later

At Aevitas we have a determined focus on safety and compliance that conforms to environmental and legislative requirements. It is our company's objective to supply permanent hazardous waste processing and control options for a wide range of specialty materials.

At Aevitas, our primary focus is on economically minimizing industrial, institutional and commercial waste, and maximizing the recovery of valuable by-products through our national hazardous waste collection network. Don't take chances with your company's reputation! Trust us as your single-source hazardous waste solutions provider for all your company's environmental challenges.