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A recruitment firm 4.0

ANCIA is a recruitment firm, but not like the ones you know.

Since 1995, we have distinguished ourselves and become an essential reference in the field by contributing to the hiring of thousands of people as well as to the growth of our local businesses. That's why our vision is important to us: To be essential to the growth of companies so that the labour shortage is no longer an obstacle to their projects.

We have a different approach, focused on candidate experience and customer experience, where each of our actions brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal, the perfect "employer-employee" match. We select our customers carefully. We often say no because we prioritize the importance of dedicating ourselves to our customers.

Becoming a recruitment business partner for us means completely freeing yourself from the hiring process so that your human resources can focus on the well-being of your current employees. We have the expertise and tools to give ourselves the means to make it happen.

Since 1995, ANCIA has teamed up with its clients to recruit competent personnel in a context of labour scarcity. First known as an employment agency, ANCIA is above all a personnel recruitment firm that offers quality and exclusive jobs where candidates are hired directly by its client-partners once recruited. Welcome to our world of talent!