About Us

Since 1947, hundreds of thousands of Canadian families have come to us for professional and ethical guidance, pre-planning solutions and a growing range of options that reflect our changing attitudes toward funerals. We continue to offer innovative new ways to remember, honour and celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

Arbor Memorial is the leading cemetery and funeral services provider in Canada and our success is due to the talent, training, hard work and dedication of our employees. As our company continues to grow, our culture continues to thrive from the shared values we embrace.

We are committed to having a progressive environment where knowledge, ideas and thoughts that employees bring heightens our ability to provide outstanding customer service and enhance everything we do.

Your community is also ours.

While we can be found in eight provinces, our true focus is on the communities in which we’re based. Each Arbor Memorial location reflects the unique culture and traditions of the residents who support it. We in turn support them through the Arbor Memorial Foundation, and many more community-outreach initiatives.