About Us

"Bizi Transport Inc. is a specialized provider of transportation services in the Oil and Gas industry serving various provinces including Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan since the Fall of 2012. We proudly offer services such as Fluid, Molten Sulphur, Sand, Nitrogen and Acid hauling, Sand Retrieval, Tractor Services, and Lease Management.

The business originally started with only one truck and employee. Through the building of relationships and collecting of contacts, our CEO was, over time, able to grow Bizi Transport Inc. into a company which now employs over 150 people and has more than 139 pieces of equipment including Tractors, Pneumatic Trailers, Acid Trailers, Fluid Haulers, Nitrogen Trailers and Molten Sulphur Trailers.

 At Bizi Transport we believe that our employees are of highest value as we would be unable to run the business without them. Our drivers have years of experience with a Class 1 or equivalent license, many of them exceeding 10+ years. Our minimum requirement is 5 years, done to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, and the general public.

Our clients are very important to us. For this reason, we utilize a customer-based approach and work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to maximize project productivity and implement the most cost-effective methods to utilize the equipment. We have added many key employees to our Management, Sales and Dispatch team who are trained in on-the-fly decision making that will help our clients with problem solving whenever needed.

We attribute the success of the business, to the hard work and dedication of our employees and loyal relationships of long term clientele."