About Us

Bluekey Education was established in 2013. It started as an idea to create an inclusive environment for local and international students to succeed academically. Initially a small tutoring service, Bluekey has grown into a franchise with over 200 tutors. We strive to provide the best tutoring support for post-secondary students studying in North America to exceed their academic goals and achieve success in school and after graduating.

Bluekey Education is the only franchise in North America that provides first-class tutoring services targeted specifically for college and university students in Canada and - most recently - the United States. We believe that each and every student in higher education has the potential to learn, improve, and achieve academic success. We connect post-secondary school students with experienced tutors who are subject area experts.

We foster a conducive environment for students to develop healthy study habits, overcome areas of weakness, and build resilience when faced with new challenges. Students can opt for OMO (online-merge-offline), virtual, or in-person services. We offer tailored exam prep sessions, personalized tutoring sessions, and engaging and innovative video courses. We also have career services for students who are close to graduating. Our comprehensive services help students obtain and maintain outstanding results.

Many of our tutors have master’s degrees and are multilingual. Our staff can answer any administrative questions or concerns that students may have. With guidance and support from our exceptional tutors and staff, students will be able to recognize and address any hindrances to learning, growing, and increasing confidence in their skills and studies.