About Us

Bluekey Foundation is a non-profit organization that targets youth across Canada who are encountering financial or other obstacles and provides them with free academic, career, and well-being support.

Our organization is built up of a team of energetic volunteers and leaders who help those that are looking for an array of guidance and support in which they are not able to afford. Bluekey Foundation also searches for key volunteers that require community service hours to help assist the organization with ongoing events, programs, services, and team workshops. We know that students can feel particularly vulnerable when they are transitioning from high school to college or university. They might be overwhelmed by the choices of post-secondary institutions, programs, and courses.

Due to the pandemic, many high school students are considering delaying or postponing their college or university studies. They want to experience a normal campus experience but their school might be opting for hybrid learning or exclusively online learning. Bluekey Foundation was created to provide support to these students who are most in need of help and resources. We want students to thrive in their studies without finances becoming an additional barrier to them.