About Us

Owner operated and based in the heart of Nova Scotia, our local team is directly involved with the development and success of Bulwark Cider. Made up of specialists from all walks of life, we’re dedicated to a common unifying goal: authentic, natural, delicious cider.

 Our Nova Scotia winery is run by our founder Germain Bergeron assisted by a great supporting cast.

Germain wears several hats but nowadays he tends to focus more on the strategic, planning and business development side of the business.

Connie L. is our expert winemaker and chemist with an affinity for balanced, complex blends. She is the driving force behind Bulwark’s delicious craft ciders.

Our sales team works hard by handling all accounts within the Valley, the South Shore, Halifax, Dartmouth, and Truro area ensuring every account is well looked after.

Sean Smith, our Sales and event coordinator, is a Halifax boy who loves all things cider and Nova Scotia! After a long stint in Ontario, he is back home rocking the cider scene here in Nova Scotia!

Christine Fritz, our sales & marketing manager, lives by the sea on the South Shore and brings her eye for design and love for our province’s food and drink culture.

Our superstar accountant Wanda Winkelman, joined Bulwark in 2018 when she retired from TD bank after 39 years. She works part-time doing accounting, payroll, and other finances with a big smile! When she isn’t crunching the numbers she loves to get into the great outdoors and enjoy all it has to offer!

From orders to questions of all kinds, our wonderful office administrator Jennifer Pineo is always only a call away!

Together, the Bulwark team makes sure that wherever you are, you can enjoy a well-crafted delicious cider.