About Us

How Inspired Scholar Can Help You

Inspired Scholar is a private tutoring and ELL/ESL service that focuses on the development of the individual in partnership with parents and family. The refinement of intelligence and critical thinking, balanced with emotional intelligence, self knowledge and practical experience. The underpinning of the above through discipline, physical education, and a personalized approach to education.

How We Work:

We work in partnership with you, the parents, and your child. You are an integral part of the process. Collaboration leads to outstanding results and success for students. 

Parents and students:

The instructors, students, and parents follow a formula as outlined below to ensure expectations on both sides are clear, and met. This helps everyone stay on track towards success. We are excited to partner with you in the joint endeavor of helping your child develop their skills and unique talents, along with the core foundation necessary to successfully navigate well in school, at work, and in life.

Course development:

Our approach is to develop the whole person, which includes emotional intelligence, as well as professionalism in a practical real-world sense. Creativity and discipline work together. Learning how to direct your creative energy into authentic, practical approaches to help the student express their strengths and live a fulfilling life.

School courses and experiences:

Our program encompasses a strong, core foundation in classical education, paired with the elements of physical and mental training tools. 

Classical education:

Cursive (hand writing), critical thinking, problem solving, grammar, phonics, vocabulary, professional and academic writing, and research skills. 

Physical and mental training:

Research-proven methods to aid one’s learning abilities through techniques derived from martial arts, yoga, mnemonic tools, relaxation skills, and focusing strategies.

What Makes Us Different:

1. Traditional teaching incorporating modern techniques.

2. Rote training balanced by creative expression.

3. Individual assessment of learning styles.

4. Practical applications of concepts learned.

5. Small class sizes to ensure individual focus.