About Us

Our service offers fast and dependable solutions in times of transition. When factoring the high costs and long lead times associated with staff turnover, working with Integrated Staffing saves you money.

Providing capable, dependable workers keeps productivity high so you can focus on your core business. Integrated Staffing helps eliminate disruptions in your workflow so orders will go out on time, projects will be completed, and budgets maintained, keeping you on target.

Integrated Staffing provides employment on demand for both employers and job seekers.

By working with Integrated Staffing, you will be sent on assignments that best fit your qualifications, skill sets, interests and career goals.

Our professional and courteous team work to match prospective employees with our clients based on their specific needs. Our Contract/Hourly Model offers a weekly payroll paid through direct deposit that includes vacation pay. Our Permanent Placement Model means we will help you negotiate the salary and benefits that comes along with being hired by our clients directly.