About Us


La Clé is a catalytic organization serving simcoe's Francophone community.


Recognized for its leadership in inclusion, La Clé offers a full range of quality services to actively contribute to the development, success and recognition of Simcoe County's Francophone community.

Its main objectives

  • Promote the active participation of community members.
  • Seek the fulfillment and harmonious development of the Francophone community.
  • Commit to maintaining and defending the rights of the Francophonie here and elsewhere.
  • Improve the quality of life and well-being of the Francophone community, while allowing it to fully live its language, culture, identity and heritage.

A bit of history...

In 1996, the Centre d'activités françaises, ACFO-Huronie and Radio-Huronie CFRH FM Communautaire formed La Clé d'la Baie en Huronie ("La Clé"), a Francophone cultural association that pools resources and administration to reduce duplication and increase the effectiveness of the three organizations in offering their services in French in Simcoe County. In 2006, the Centre multiservices francophone du comté de Simcoe joined and added a mandate for health and social services.

Since its creation, La Clé has been concerned with the promotion, development and needs of Simcoe County's Francophone community.

Meaning of the La Clé logo

The trill flower of the logo represents the emblem of Ontario. The green fleur-de-lis represents Ontario's Francophonie. Blue represents Quebec's Francophonie. Red represents the Canadian Francophonie. The three fleurs-de-lis pointing to the center inside the trillium, signify inclusion and represent the Francophone community. The wave represents the water that surrounds us