Liftow Limited

Liftow Limited

About Us

Liftow has been building a reputation for quality and service in the material handling industry since 1960. Our success was built and relies upon our team of dedicated employees whose commitment to quality and service help position Liftow as a leader in the industry. We serve Canadians through 29 different locations throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, employing over 400 people working in careers with unlimited possibilities ranging from Sales, Service Technicians, HR, Marketing, Finance, Material Handling Instructors, IT specialists and other corporate opportunities.

Why join us?

1. Toyota has been the leading forklift manufacturer year after year. Known for superior quality and continuous innovation, Toyota has been the number one choice for material handling solutions around the world.

2. Our culture drives high employee engagement enabling us to attract and retain exceptional talent from the industry.

3.We are the largest Toyota Forklift Dealership in North America and continue to grow successfully in terms of market share and employees.

Our Values:


We show up and deliver on our promise to our employees and customers.


We work together as a Team to accomplish more than we can individually.

 Never Satisfied

We continuously look for ways to improve our employee and customer experience.


We share responsibility with our employees, they develop a deep sense of commitment and ownership