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Who is MPCA

As you may or may not know, Canada is the second largest land mass in the world at almost 10 million ㎢, yet it is one of the most sparsely populated countries with 80% of this area remained uninhabited. We serve the nation from our two Part Distribution Centres. MP1, hosting our main PDC and offices, which is located in Ontario and started operation in January of 2016. With over 550,000 square feet, this PDC services roughly 75% of dealers across Canada.

MP2 is located in British Columbia and moved under the newly created MPCA organization in 2015. We will be replacing MP2 with a new facility (MP3) which is currently under construction in Alberta. The new PDC is scheduled to start operation in July 2023 and unlike MP2, will be a MOBIS operated and staffed.

Employee culture

In an ever changing world, we have had to evolve. We have put a renewed emphasis on keeping a strong connection with our valued workforce and have introduced several company activities. From team building to employee black Friday sales including a selection of healthy snack and beverage stations, a great focus is put on the employees well being.

A little bit of competition is always good to bring people together. MOBIS employees participated in a multitude of activities but some of the most notable ones are in-house competitions such as Christmas tree decorating with old vehicle parts and our softball team who compete with other local business in friendly match-ups and tournaments!

As it is important to recognize the hard work of everyone, every year we organise a MOBIS week event in July and a New Year party in early January. During this time, we take this opportunity to highlight team members that went above and beyond and acknowledge employee’s years of services. This year, 3 of our employees celebrated their 35 years work anniversary including our Chief Operations Officer Alex Ng. 

Preparing for future

To stay ahead, we have launched, in collaboration with Hyundai and Kia field staff, a joint effort to visits dealers and discuss key topics about MOBIS operations. In 2022, we visited over 240 of the 450 dealers in our network, providing us with over 1400 actionable comments. Considering the overwhelming success of this activity, we will be expanding our activities in 2023 to over 300 visits throughout the 2023.

In an effort to focus on weaker areas, we have built and launched an in-house recording studio, completed with microphones, cameras, a green screen and lighting to produce training videos for dealers. We have already produced more than 30 training videos, which are hosted on our distributors e-learning sites.

Not only we are looking on how we can improve efficiencies but also are listening to dealers. As all teams are working closely together, many changes were implemented to simplify every day business of our dealers. The latest of those changes was the development and launch of a new e-packing slip, allowing MOBIS to improve our internal packing and shipping process while helping dealers by providing an email confirmation of the part shipped in the evening of the shipment allowing the dealer to prepare their receiving and work flow for the following day.