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Paradox Access Solutions

About Us

Who is Paradox Access Solutions?

Paradox Access Solutions has established itself as an industry leader across Western Canada by taking the "norm" out of the day-to-day business. 

Our goal is to be the best in every industry we participate in – whether that's road building, temporary access solutions or drainage solutions for the mining sector. We accomplish this by staying true to three key principles:

  • PEOPLE: Employees are more than just a number
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Sustainability is a key component in all our work
  • INNOVATION: Our commitment to innovations helps redefine standards across the country

Here at Paradox, we believe that every obstacle shares the same three elements—where you are, where you want to be, and the question of how you'll make it from here to there. Paradox answers that question for customers every day with access solutions that help them traverse rough, unstable, and seemingly impassable terrain. Along the way, we make responsible choices, acting in the best interests of our people, our projects, and the environments in which we operate.

We offer turnkey earthworks, matting, engineering, and geosynthetics solutions for public and private industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects across the country that uphold these standards. We're committed to going the distance to make sure communities and organizations across the country have safe, reliable access to the places they need to be when they need to be there.

We're proud to have a strong history fueled by innovation, a people-first mindset, and the belief that we can deliver ground-breaking access solutions to benefit our clients, communities, and planet.