Pet to Nature Canada

Pet to Nature Canada

About Us

The First Aquamation Service in Asia

Pet to Nature was founded in 2017. We understands the pain, grief, and sadness felt by the pet owners when a beloved pet passes away. We are dedicated to handling all the necessary arrangements for your beloved pets. The most precious and best possible farewell to let them rest in grace and love.

Staying true to our motto and beliefs, we have a consultant who will assist pet owners in preparing solemn farewell services for their pets. Our facilities include comfort rooms where the farewell can be held. Family members may choose to have their pet’s ashes to bring home or enrich to a potted plant after the Aquamation process. The ashes help nurture the plant's growth and will literally let pets grow into a new life with their owners as they truly go back to nature.

Our Motto - “Respect Life”​

Animals are our best friends. We promise to give them the most natural and nature-friendly manner to say Goodbye and thank them for the endless happiness.

Our Commitment​

To organize the best and most precious moment of saying goodbye to your beloved pet with dignity.