About Us

In 2004, Chef Peo "John" Diep opened New Generation Sushi. Almost 18 years later, New Generation has evolved into a multi-faceted Japanese restaurant and is now known as Shinka Sushi Bar. After working many years as an apprentice Japanese chef in Montreal, John applied all skills the late master chef Joe Nagara Izayoui taught him to come up with own sushi creations. His experience is shown through the beautiful work of food art that Shinka serves its customers.

After almost two decades since the restaurant opened its doors in the downtown Ottawa area, Shinka has become a destination location for locals and tourists alike. Renowned for its authenticity in the art of omakase, the Shinka team continues to serve traditional cuts of Japanese fish with a modern twist. Whether it is fresh Japanese fish that is flown in almost daily or new vegan options, no matter who comes to Shinka we strive to provide the best quality of sushi. We pride ourselves on the freshness and creativity which is driven by our talented and hard working team.