Technical Standards & Safety Authority

Technical Standards & Safety Authority

About Us

Since 1997, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has delivered public safety services on behalf of the government of Ontario. With headquarters in west Toronto, the TSSA is a self-funded, not-for-profit organization that employs approximately 400 staff across Ontario. The TSSA is currently in the process of transitioning to an Outcome Based Regulator. We are in the process of updating our data systems, improving customer services, and improving our billing processes. The roles within the TSSA are as diverse as the Province we serve. It takes all kinds of people with varied skillsets and backgrounds to meet our organizational goals, but our employees share a few key traits:

• We are passionate about public safety.

• We are highly skilled, problem-solvers.

• We are collaborators who are invested in the communities we work in.

• We are more than employees; we are serving the greater good.

• We are committed to life-long learning and development.

• We operate with the highest integrity.

TSSA provides our employees with competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and — most importantly — a sense of purpose. Our work is vital to the success and safety of the Province, and it’s our people who make it possible.