About Us

We’re a close-knit team of expert talents and creative thinkers.

Vidir Solutions is a company built on values that emphasize Quality, Innovation, Community and Safety. We create a family environment for our staff which fosters inclusivity and high employee satisfaction. Creativity and advancement is encouraged and supported to ensure the highest quality product.

We engineer and build industry-leading vertical solutions.

Vidir Solutions is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage carousels and display systems. Our highly versatile line of carousels offers industry solutions for construction, retail, medical, warehouse, government, automotive, printing, and manufacturing.

We offer solutions with world-class engineering and zero compromises.

Always on the lookout to integrate new features, and never satisfied with only meeting expectations, our World-Class Engineering Team rises above to incorporate Industry-First Innovations, and Best-In-Class designs.

Out products are built above-spec to exceed expectations and give our customers the most reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solution possible.


Out of over 42,000 employers in Manitoba and over 1,000 manufacturing employers Vidir Solutions was chosen as one of only 30 Top Employers for 2022.

Chosen by Canada’s Top Employers through an extensive review for the following reasons:

  • Emphasis on Diversity and Women in Manufacturing
  • Charitable giving
  • Our commitment to ongoing education and development



What makes a Vidir Hero? Someone who serves others, acts with integrity, keeps others safe, and uses their powers to elevate others. Our team is made up of individuals who help others do what they do best. Whether that’s creating a perfect precision weld or designing the next dynamic solution in material handling our team members know that what they are doing every day is helping someone else be successful as well.

We don’t just work for the pay check (although let’s be honest, that’s pretty great too!), we work for the satisfaction of knowing that someone else’s life is better because we are at work today. It might be our team member, our customer, or the kid in our community who gets to play hockey because our profits provided the funds for her to play.

Vidir believes strongly in a family feel and in using our abilities to elevate others. That’s why we have opportunities in education, charitable donation matching, and volunteer initiatives.