VxL Canadian Enterprises

VxL Canadian Enterprises

About Us

VxL was originally founded in 1999. At that time, the company was engaged primarily in intellectual property enforcement investigations and operations. Additionally, we were highly engaged in missing children investigations and recovery (largely pro-bono), and our work ultimately lead to the identification and return of 45 children from throughout the world. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, we placed the company into stasis as nearly all of our personnel mobilized either with the military or various government agencies and companies to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Years later, VxL was reopened at a new headquarters in Virginia, near Washington D.C. In our

reorganization, we drew upon the collective experience of our members to refine our mission and

address some of the challenges and shortcomings throughout the private security industry. Our

mission, to reduce risk and preserve life by accepting nothing short of excellence in every aspect

of our performance, is not a catch phrase - it is a fundamentally held belief, and to fully realize

that mission we understand that we must embody certain attributes and principals. First and

foremost is our understanding that our team - the personnel we work with - are the true backbone

of our existence, and in order to be successful we must not only find the best and brightest, we

must continually earn the privilege of working with them by promoting a professional work

environment where people are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. Competitive

benefits, industry leading training, and professional development programs are among the other

ways we support the team. In short, our company is engineered to treat our people right, and in

turn, to use the capabilities, morale, and dedication of our team to provide the best possible

security services.

Now - as with all things in life - nothing worth having is without a price. In return, we require

and expect dedication, honesty, integrity, professionalism and resolve. We don't require perfect

people - we require committed people; people who expect excellence from themselves first and

foremost. If you are able to commit to that most fundamental requirement, please continue...