About Us

Zflix Telecom is a third party internet service provider (ISP), providing internet and home phone services across Canada.

Being in business since 2001, our mission is to offer consumers with affordable internet and home phone services via reselling while competing with big telcos, as we believe that there is a way to pay less for high speed internet and home phone running through the traditional network.

Internet usage fee has been a headache for consumers with big telcos in the industry for long time. With Zflix it is not an issue at all. Usage on all packages, no matter how much is used, is not tabulated, charged or capped at all.

For less cost, customer's internet will go through the same network as their existing service provider. However, if they want to make a change, from fiber to cable or vice versa, it will be done with Zflix if both services are available at the location. Fiber companies can only offer fiber internet and cable companies can only offer cable internet. Zflix offers both as the advantage of a third party ISP.

Therefore, Zflix has made it possible for all customers to stay on the grid but pay off the grid!